Friday, June 1, 2012

Get back in the kitchen.

This time, no sammich.
No, this is something not edible, but VERY useful.

And VERY cheap.

And honestly, it's probably the best laundry detergent I've used. Bar none.

Looks so simple, right?
That's because it is.

3 Ingredient Laundry Detergent.

1 c. 20 mule Borax
1 c. A&H Super Washing Soda (NOT BAKING SODA!)
1 bar Fels Naptha (you can use other soaps, but the Fels Naptha is $0.97/bar)

Grate the bar of Fels Naptha. I'm using the side I'd typically use to grate parmesan cheese.
It's hard to describe it.

You need it to be FINE. If you grate it too big, you can throw everything into a food processor and grind it down. Too big = Won't dissolve right in the washer.

Add it to your washing soda and borax into a container (or a bowl).

Mix until it's fully combined.

You may need to give it a shake or two before using it, but it's SO worth it. This stuff has gotten blood out of clothes for me, no joke.
The joys of living with kids.

I made a double batch and threw it into an old ice cream tub.

Clearly, I have room for atleast one more batch of this stuff. Maybe even two.

You only need 1 tbsp./load of laundry. You can use 2 tbsp./load of it's a particularly dirty load.

There's really no scent to your clothes afterwards. They just smell clean and fresh, and it's a good thing.
This stuff is also safe for HE washers, as it is low suds.
And it's SUPER cheap to make. Once you break the money down, you'll realize just how much you're saving. I'm not going to break it all down for you, but I can say that it was cheaper to buy all this stuff (I ran out from making it last time) than to buy a new jug of laundry detergent.

For fabric softener, I typically use something dye and fragrance free. When I run out, I use vinegar.
No joke, vinegar RULES at this.
I recently ran out, and I was going to grab some vinegar, but I remembered seeing this Rosemary Mint Fabric Softener on Pinterest, and thought I'd give it a shot. It seemed easy enough.

I used a funnel to pour it into my (cleaned) previous container from my old fabric softener.

I ended up having to use a (cleaned) pizza sauce jar and a (cleaned) alfredo sauce jar to contain the rest. It'll definitely last me a good while.

You use it like you would normally use your laundry detergent, which for me means pouring it into a Downy ball. While it worked, I can't say that the smell stayed. Maybe I'll just stick to the vinegar.

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