Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Welcome back, Jesse!

My friend Jesse, went on a 3 week vacation to England to visit her mom. And she was missed.
She came back to the states yesterday, and the day before that her boyfriend got ahold of me.

"Let's make a welcome home cake for Jesse. Well, actually, what I mean is, let me buy a bunch of shit so you can make Jesse a cake and we can come see you when it's finished and we can surprise her. Yeah, let's do this somehow sometime."

After talking to Jesse about how I felt like baking and didn't know what, she told me that I should bake a white cake with different colored layers. So that was settled.
Andy and I brainstormed on how to decorate it.

It started with this drawing.

Initially, I was going to lay wax paper over it, trace on the wax paper with frosting, and then pop it on the cake. But that didn't happen, because I couldn't find what I needed. So I piped it all, freehanded, onto the cake.

Yeah, it's a bit rough, but for my first time piping anything onto a cake, I'm okay with it.
It's 4 layers of white cake colored pink, green, blue, and purple.
And vanilla frosting.

Around the side, it says "TROLOLOLOLOL".

And then the boring cake box turned into...

That's a direct Andy quote, right there.

The decorating skills I lack are overshadowed by the fact that the cake is delicious.
I know the cake is delicious because of the cake recipe that I used (which is already posted on this blog).

Hope you enjoy it Jessiekins! 

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