Thursday, June 14, 2012

Resin, take 3.

After my first post about resin, I tried it a second time.

My resin didn't cure. I was so mad.

The curing mistake was my fault, though. My resin needed to be at a warm temperature, which I forgot to do that time. However, I was discouraged and haven't done it again.

Until now!

Hey, a girl's got to have some rings, right?

The one on the right is full of sprinkles. REAL sprinkles.
The pink one was mixed with acrylic paint. It was an experiment for me, more or less.

I'm so obsessed with rings lately.

Look at all those sprinkles! :D

Teehee. The pink really calls to me.
OH. Get this...

This was a really hard picture for me to get, so unfortunately you just have to deal with the blurriness. I took 15-20 pictures that look worse than this one. It make me do a sad face. :(

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