About The Ninja

Ahn Neyong Ha Seyo!
Welcome to my shadows of the interwebz.

I'm Rachel.
I'm 1/2 South Korean + 1/2 Mutt (in other words, my white side is extremely diverse).
I'm a mother to 4 great kids.
I'm a wife to an eccentric man.
My mixer's name is Stella, and she's a beast.
I throw myself into new crafts too much. I have a fair amount of WIPs at any given time.
Yes, I am a ninja.
Of tripping, falling, bumping into things, being off balance, and a whole slew of other things.

This is Kyle, and he's the husband.
He's the father of 2 of my kids.
He's a damn good (step)daddy to all 4.
He's very off the wall, which some of it is because of his ADHD.
Best of all, he's the most supportive man I've ever met.

This is Selena, our oldest.
No, I'm not her biological mother.
Yes, she is still my daughter.
She's a flower whisperer, and can find the most perfect flowers in any given place.
She's also quick to pick them for you.

This is Myriah, 2nd in command.
She is a perfectionist, much like her mommy.
She loves nothing more than wearing dresses, especially those that she can spin in.
Tinkerbell is her favorite, another thing she gets from her mommy.
There is not enough pink in the world for this girl.
I'm guessing she'll grow up to do good in the world.
I'd bet she'll be either a veterinarian or in the Peace Core.

This is Tegan, and she's picked on the most.
It's sad, really. She's typically the dog or prince when the kids are playing.
She has a vivid imagination, which she gets from her mommy.
She loves looking "stylish" and wearing clippies in her hair.
She's very loud and opinionated, and fights for what she believes.
Come to think of it, I'm pretty sure she got a good dose of my temper in her.
I'm also pretty sure she'll be the troublemaker come teen time.

This is Baby Gabey. He lives in an estrogen ocean.
He is fearless, putting it lightly.
His favorite sister is his Yai-Yah (Myriah) and that's the straight truth.
He loves food, and will choose a cracker over just about anything. Except for a cookie.
He is a ball of energy and excitement, much like his daddy.
I'm pretty sure he'll be the kid to give me a heart attack and grey hair.

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