Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Pinteresting - Lips Peeling DIY

I'm sure you've seen this one floating around.

In theory, this is going to work great already, based on one simple ingredient.

Olive Oil.

I'm sorry, but that stuff is BEAST. I use it a lot in life, not just cooking. I should probably just go ahead and put one in my bathroom.

Well, I made a batch of this the other night. I don't have pictures, but here's the thing.

This picture shows no ratios.

If you can get your ratios right, this stuff WORKS. You mix it together, and then using your finger put it on your lips. You then use your finger or your toothbrush to scrub your lips, and rinse it off with water. Top your lips with your favorite lip balm (I like Aquaphor Lip Therapy, personally) and you're done.

And they're right. It DOES work. IF YOU GET THE RATIOS RIGHT.

I'm not even gonna lie, I had olive oil/honey/brown sugar dripping all over my chin when I was trying to use this. It was a mess. It WORKS, but it's a mess.

Suggestion? Try it. Make it in SMALL batches, maybe 1/2 tsp. at a time batches. That's about 1-2 uses, depending on how much you need to use. Play around with it. Once I can get the ratios correct, I'll edit this and post what they were.

And super serious, if you're like me and allergic to tree nuts, using olive oil is a GREAT alternative in these DIY things. I can't use coconut oil without pretty much death. Just sayin'.

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