My Craft Space

I love looking at craft blogs, photography blogs, blogs in general. I especially love seeing the work place photos. No idea why, I just do. I will admit, I get jealous sometimes (who doesn't?), but it gives me a good idea as to how I would like things for me.

I work with a very limited supply. I don't have a lot of extra money to spend on things. I hardly spend anything on myself, but I'll spend what I can when I can on my kids. Typical mom, right?

So, here's my craft space. Most of the stuff in there has been free or very cheap. It's how I do things.

And bless my husband, who was willing to scrap the idea of himself having a man cave in order for me to take the room. I love that man.

See my previous arrangement here.

How about that wood paneling, yo? I have no idea when I'll be able to remedy it, but it will either need to be repainted or just done away with altogether. It's TERRIBLE, yes?

All in all, though, I love my craft space. I love the bohemian feel it throws, even though it's got some order. 

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