Wednesday, June 27, 2012

DIY Tutorial: Covered Outlet/Light Switch Faceplate

So, I've been seeing a LOT of scrapbook covered things all over Pinterest.
I know. I'm one of them. A Pinterest junkie.
Well, with all the work our house needs, it's the little touches that really stand out to me the most. And that's where this came in.

A small statement.
Large improvement.
If you want to see how I did it, keep reading.

What I Used:
Mod Podge (or glue, like Elmer's)
Exacto knife
Scrapbook paper

First, take your old (or new, whatever floats your boat) faceplate. Place it down on the scrapbook paper. It doesn't matter what side you lay it down on.
Going around the faceplate, give yourself about 1/4"-1/2" clearance all around. Cut it out.

Apply some Mod Podge on the side that faces out on the faceplate, just the flat part. Don't worry about the sides yet.

Lay the faceplate down on the wrong side of the scrapbook paper. Apply pressure and let it sit for a good while, about 20 minutes I'd say. You want to make sure it dries pretty well. I put a pot ontop of mine to give it pressure while it sat.

Now cut diagonal slits in the corners of the paper. Beginning on the shortest sides of the faceplate, paint some Mod Podge on the edge and the flat back "lip" of the faceplate. Go ahead and put a little bit of Mod Podge on the scrapbook paper, too. Fold it tightly around the edge and hold it down. Make sure it's tight. Tight = No Air Bubbles. Air Bubbles = Hell.

Also, you may have to hold it down for a minute or two. It's annoying, yes, but trust me, you want to hold it and make sure it stays put.

You'll end up with these little cat ear things from the corner slits. You can trim them or fold them down. I folded them down.

Mod Podge the longer sides like you did the short sides. Let it dry.

You can add a thin strip of glue on the inside along the Mod Podge edges if your heart desires.
Now, we move on to the holes.

Take the screws that come with the faceplate (or were screwed into the faceplate) and gently poke them into the holes through the paper. They don't have to be neat, but be careful.

Now take your exacto knife. We're going to be cutting the middle hole now.
I'm doing a light switch cover.

Cut an "X" in the whole.

You're, once again, going to Mod Podge it like you did around the outer edges.

Then let it dry and you're done!
I applied a clear gloss coat over it to protect the paper because, well, we have animals and kids in the house. Then you just put it over your outlet/light switch and BAM. Easy decor.
Free for me, too! I had everything on hand!

EDIT: The way to cut the paper for outlet holes is JUST a bit different, so I wanted to update with how-to photos on that aswell.

Cut the "x" like you would normally, going diagonally from each corner. Then on the sides with the curves, make 3 cuts (equalling 4 small triangles).

Slowly making your way around, start Mod Podge-ing them down.

Then you're ready for a clear finish!

It can get quite addicting when you see the small, subtle change it can give to a rather lame wall...

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  1. What fun! This is a great tutorial. I want to make some out of maps from past travels. I will link this on my website where I write about traveling with the kids and making the adventures magical! I would love a shout out from you.

    Thanks for the great tutorial!
    Natalie, The Educational Tourist