Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Random Crocheting

Since I *finally* figured out the whole hooking thing, I've been trying to find relatively easy patterns of things to make.

I found a diaper cover.

Kind of hilarious, right?

I've also been charting some images for granny square blankets.

I love Yoshi far too much.

And then I tried to crochet a granny square. And failed. Epically.

So, I started on some single crochet squares.

I've got 100+ more to do. And they aren't for me, or Kyle, or our kids.

They're for a blanket to go to the first little boy that stole my heart.
His mom's blog is located here.

Then I ran out of the colors I needed.

And THEN I got some yarn for a steal. $1/skein from a woman who bought too many skeins.

I crocheted a hat to fit a newborn that was 7+ lbs.

Atleast, that's what the pattern said.

Clearly, I still have some kinks to work out.

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