Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I'm collecting!

Have you ever heard of an ATC in the craft world?

It's the abbreviation for "Artist Trading Card".
In short, it's like a crafter's baseball card. It acts as a way to meet other crafters, which we all know that having a crafter in your network is ALWAYS beneficial. You can also use your collected ATCs for decorations for your house. Before a trade, give a color or theme to the crafter you're swapping with. Throw a bunch of 'em in a frame and voilá! A 100% handcrafted and completely UNIQUE work of art.

ATCs can be as simple or as intricate as you wish, but try to keep them the size of a baseball (or any sports) card. You can buy premade blank ATC cards at craft stores, like Hobby Lobby, in the scrapbooking and stamps stuff. Look around the blank cards and gift tags.

I did an online search to give some examples here. These are ones that I like, and remember, you do them all the way YOU want to. It's like a small scrapbooking craft, kind of.

From http://www.redleadpaperworks.com.

From http://www.craftsunleashed.com.

See? They're simple enough. You can use just about anything you have to decorate them. There's pretty much NO way to do these wrong. I love it.

I love the way that first one is organized for display. LOVE it.

So, the point of this blog is that I want to start an ATC collection. In order to do that, I need some crafters to trade ATCs with. So please, come at me with an email if you're interested!

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