Friday, May 4, 2012

Easy DIY Mother's Day Gift

I live in a housefull of kids, pets, and a forgetful husband. I doubt he can tell you when mother's day is.
Sunday, May 13th.

He remembers the important dates, like my birthday, and our anniversary. So he makes up for it.
Nevermind that they're 7 days apart exactly. And his birthday is 7 days after.

Money is tight pretty much everywhere, which means it's a great excuse to DIY any gift.

Personally, I prefer things handcrafted. I appreciate them a lot more. Nothing can replace something as original as those. Especially from kids. I think most moms see it that way, too.

So, you have young kids? Here's a perfect time to break out your Elmer's glue and popsicle sticks.

This is simple. So simple, infact, that I don't have any in-process photos. >.<

But really, all you do is glue the popsicle sticks together in anyway you choose. Then paint. Then embellish.

And THEN? Then you tape a photo in the hole. Like, tape it to the back. Add some ribbon on there, or some magnets, and BAM. Easy, simple, SUPER cheap Mother's Day gift. Works well on the grandmas, too.

I wanted to keep it simple. I really like the way the paint streaked, personally. I think it gives it an old-timey feel.

I'm not expecting things for Mother's Day. A hug, a kiss, and I'm okay with that. But I'm going to have the kids decorate some of these for me, so I can hang them in my craft room with their pictures in them.

AND it's pretty flat, so it mails well. SUPER great for traveling.

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