Wednesday, May 9, 2012


I've gotten a LOT of things from Freecycle.

Okay, not a lot. But quite a bit.
It's pretty hit and miss, but if you get a chance, find your Freecycle group for your area (it's on Yahoo groups).

A majority of the things in my craft room are from Freecycle. But my most recent find?

Yuuuuuup. An older model (running Windows XP) HP computer, complete with a monitor, mouse, and keyboard. All we need are speakers. And it's working. For FREE. Insane, right?!

Initially, when I emailed the guy about it, he told me that the computer crashed on him so he wasn't sure if it would work. This lit a spark in me. I automatically emailed him back, telling him that if it wasn't working, I'd still LOVE to have it. A part of me hoped it wouldn't work. A part of me was eager to take it apart and use the pieces in various craft projects, namely throwing some in resin.

But alas, it works. Which is great. But I'm slightly disappointed.

The computer has been greatly accepted by all the members of the family. One little guy especially.

If this is a glimpse into my future, I'm screwed.

This is going to be the computer for the kids. This keeps them off of my (er..mine and the husband's) MacBook. This gives us a chance to load up those awesome educational PC games for the kids and helps as far as what to get them for Christmases and Birthdays. And it will connect to the internet via an ethernet cord. I'm currently on the hunt for a desk and chair.

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