Wednesday, May 30, 2012

5 Years. Wow.

5 years. Wow. They went by FAST.

This is how I remember him.

The little boychild that made houses out of cardboard boxes with my Riah.
The little boychild that won my heart over reading stories of mermaids and dolphins.

The little boychild that was once allowed to play in Riah's bed. Yeah, don't know if that'll ever be able to happen again without having to kick Kristy's ass.

The little boychild who is destined to be a rockstar.

The little boychild with such captivating, bold, blue eyes.

The little boychild that loved food. I seem to remember that during one late night Wal-Mart trip with his mommy and me, we passed by a Burger King and he very excitedly exclaimed "YAY!"

This little boychild is 5 years old today. 5. FIVE. And you know what?
He isn't the only thing that has gotten any bigger in those 5 years. The love I have for him in my heart has grown as well.

Happy birthday, Legoman Flowerpants. You may be getting bigger, but you'll always be the little boychild that stole my sweet potatoes.

Aunt Rachel loves you very, VERY much.

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