Thursday, May 31, 2012

Homespun Yarn.

Have you ever tried working with homespun yarn? Because I have. And it's a PAIN for me. It keeps unraveling and fraying and..ugh. Maddening, really.

I bought some Lion Brand Homespun Yarn in Lagoon with the intentions of having it become the start of a blanket. That ended QUICK when I started using it, so then it stayed in my craft room.

And stayed.

And stayed.

And stayed.

I haven't touched it since January.

Until today.

I figured I needed to get some destashing out so I'd have an excuse for more yarn.

And the yarn was/is SO soft. It'd be a shame not to make something of it.

So I made this.

It's a baby cocoon/baby basket/babypod/a lot of names. It's a photography prop for newborns. They go into it like they're still in utero, but some are still small enough to be able to stretch. I wanted to make sure I used something soft when making it, and I didn't have any wool. The pattern called for that homespun yarn so I figured, "Why not? If it doesn't work out, I frog it and it goes back in the craft room."

It worked. By some miracle, it worked. I'm SUPER happy with the results and the way the yarn feels. SO happy, infact, that I want more of this yarn.


I know, I know, I'm /facepalm-ing it up enough for myself right now. But I want more in different colors. It's just SO soft. And SO pretty. And SO...GAH I WANT MORE.

Someone shoot me.

OH. Pattern for the cocoon can be found here.

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