Friday, May 25, 2012

Impromptu Birthdays.

This sounds so bad, but we were SO unprepared for Riah's birthday. We weren't expecting the girls to be here this soon, but due to some unfortunate circumstances with their father's family, they came yesterday. We got to celebrate Riah's birthday with her, and as exhausting as it was, I LOVED it.

We let her do her presents first, because I made the cuppycakes from scratch and needed time.
She got this wicked sprinkler seal that came with a beach ball. And a bubble machine. And she was full of jumps and shouts of excitement.

And then she saw her cuppycakes. And that was a whole new level of excitement.

We sang her "happy birthday", she blew out her candles, and then the kids went to town.

Kyle and I had to get into the fun.

And then the girls had a sleepover of sorts. We laid their pillow pets and blankets in the living room and popped in Tinkerbell. They loved every minute of the "sleepover" aspect, except for Gabe crashing the party.

Not too shabby for having less than 24 hours to prepare, right?

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