Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Girls' Room.

Do you remember that segment on The Amanda Show? It was one of my favorites.

If you don't, then please sit still while I try to steal your youth.


I've done a fair bit of random decorating in Selena's room. There's flowers and butterflies on the walls, there's a completely redone dresser, but we still have some things to do. It's really coming together.

We haven't done anything in Riah's and Dot's room, as horrible as that is.
Honestly, the paint on the walls sufficed for a good while. It's not just a flat one color wall.

The photos are a bit crummy, I know, but you get the general idea. The doors need some work, and that vent on the wall needs to be painted, but all in all it's pretty good alone. Lately, though, I've been trying to come up with ideas to spruce it up. My main goal is to make the rooms easy for the kids to grow with and into, so we aren't doing renovations all the time.

I started with something easy. A bookcase.

I had some problems with putting the backing on, because I'm a perfectionist, so Kyle and Gabey stepped up to the job.

And there's only one spot where they didn't hit the nail right. :)

So, it's slow progress, but it's a start, right? Soon the house will be more homey, right?

Maybe I'm not cut out for this, but I'm hoping my crafting will get be through.

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