Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Pinteresting - 5 Minute Nail Polish Removal

Though Pinterest, I see quite a few things that just catch my eye.

DIY crafts I want to do, photos that I think would work well with my kids, food. You know how it goes.

But then I saw this pin from Gingerbreadmanne and knew I had to try it.

As a mom, we typically try to do things the easiest/simplest/fastest way possible, and that's more true when you have multiple kids, especially the younger ones.

This was the perfect time to try. My nail polish started chipping.

It looks messy, but the mess is fairly minimal. You can actually see your nail polish being "soaked" into the cotton.

Oh. And this isn't mentioned anywhere, so many it's just me, but my fingers got SUPER cold. Like chillin' chillin' cold.

The results were worth it.

These were done in about 5ish minutes, and SO much easier than the typical "soak a few cotton balls and make a huge mess" thing I did before.

Moral: I'll never go back to my old ways. This way FTW.

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