Monday, August 27, 2012

DIY: Beginner's Photography Backdrop

I don't have any WIP shots for this suck.

Honestly, I got WAY way way into it once I started and there was just no time to go get my camera.
Plus, Kyle had to leave for work in a matter of hours and I wanted to make sure I got it done.

This was something that just sort of sparked in my head and I went with.

I used:
2+ yards muslin fabric ($5.89)
Sewology Eyelet Kit ($2.99)
Sewology Eyelet Refills ($3.49)
Tea (FRESH BREWED, over the stove)
Sewing machine + Thread

Things you should use to make your life easier:

This is literally thrown together. Work with me.

Step 1. Seam all the edges to one nice, flat, level seam. Or, as even as you can get.
Step 2. Pick which side will be your top. Double it over an inch. Sew it into place.
Step 3. Attach your eyelets following their directions in the 1 inch top.
Step 4. Tea dye the fabric (I used the tutorial here).
Instead of tea dyeing, you could just dye it with fabric dye. Throw some tye-dye swirls in there!

Then mount it using hooks onto a bar or even shower curtain thingies. Easy and simple for a beginner to use.

Also, to give you a size ratio, this will work for my kids in portrait all around. Landscape, however, will be a bit difficult. It'll have to be close-ups or them sitting on the floor. Individually, of course. Like I said, this was a "BAM in my head let's run with it" sort of thing, so size wasn't a huge deal for me. If/When I make another one, I'll make it much bigger.

However, I'll need some area to make it work.
Yeah, I heard it in Tim Gunn's voice, too.

I don't have the structure to mount it (yet, that's a WIP) so here's a thrown together set up to give you the idea.
Also, please excuse the lighting.
Double also, my typical sit down for photos child is in school right now. I had to use Gabe. I apologize.

This would be great for a beginner photographer that's wanting to grasp some studio photography practice without shelling out an arm and a leg for backdrops.

Or, you know, the SAHMs like me who try to do everything on a budget, including photographing our kids.

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