Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Naked House

It's true.

My house is naked.

Bare walls, nothing is decorating it. I mean, our upstairs bathroom is decked out in M&Ms stuff. And by decked out, I mean shower curtain, small rug, soap dispenser, soap dish, and toothbrush holder. That's about as extravagant as it gets here.

We have a few things here and there, but nothing amazing. 6 pictures in the house on display, one in a location that just looks awkward. We have a clock. We have empty picture frames on display on a sofa table (that we got FOR FREE on Craigslist). We have our football player cake toppers made by my aunt-in-law, who is super amazing, from our wedding cake.

She baked it herself, words and all.

We have..A SPICE RACK! And..well..that's pretty much it. >.<

So, to remedy this, I grabbed a piece of scrap wood I made Kyle pick up from my mom and dad's house. They just moved and my dad made a new tool bench thing for himself. He's handy like that.

"What are you doing with all these scraps, dad?" - Me
"Ah, I gotta get them together and throw them away before your mom yells at me." - Dad
"Can I have them?" - Me
"If you WANT them. They're just scraps and I doubt you can do any--" - Dad
"KYLE! I need you to get these scraps for me!" - Me

It's been an ongoing joke that the pieces of wood are just going to end up in a bonfire this summer. Thanks, guys, for having faith in me.
And knowing what will probably happen with most of it.

So, I'm looking through the scraps and realizing that there's honestly not much I can do with what I have. A lot of it still has nails stuck in it and whatnot. It's pretty rough. But then I find a piece and sand it.

And then put it in my craft room and forget about it.

Sometime after that, I re-found it. And then crafty things happened.

I really like how the gold came out somewhat distressed (I only did one coat in the letters). Ontop, I have a grid drawn out for the husband. He's going to drill some holes in there for me (because I'm not allowed to touch his precious DeWalt drill) and I'm going to industrial strength glue some wire into the holes, alternating in height. Then, wrap the wires ontop and BAM. Picture holder.

But yeah, we'll see when we'll finally get the holes drilled and the wires done. It's a slow going process.

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