Saturday, September 29, 2012

They say it's your birthday.

My bestie, Moonshoes (Kristy), had her birthday on the 26th.
I don't typically mail out gifts. I'm terrible, really. I'll happy birthday on Facebook and all, but this year I've been all about making stuff for other people.

Justifying my spending, maybe.

Well, first, I got this great yarn (Red Heart in Grey Heather). 
Then, I realized they'd make great fingerless mitts.
Then, I realized that Kristy would appreciate them with the avid amount of reading she does. When you read, whether it's a book or on an eReader, you end up losing circulation in your hands. You get cold.

So these were made.

The colors are very Slytherin friendly.
That wasn't intentional.

Stephen King approves.
And I took these photos with a Stephen King book specifically, because Kristy reminded me of a great conversation we had about him back in the day.
About how if book authors were compared to high school, Stephen King would be the girl that always puts out so you can always count on her. Dependable. You go, Stephen King.

I love the colors. So much that I've made a pair for myself. >.<

Along with those, I sent her something else.

A necklace to represent a certain Mr. Legoman/Mario/Harry Potter that has stolen my heart has been in the talks for a while. I had ideas, but then I decided I would just go for it instead of planning.

I made the lego mold, then poured the resin and let it cure.

And then I put the necklace together.

The "L" is clearly for Logan's name.
The puzzle piece represents the piece of the Autism puzzle Logan is.
The lego block, again, is clearly for Legoman. Also, it glows in the dark. This was a tad difficult, since I couldn't find any blue glow paint, but I made it work. Now Kristy can light it up blue for the little man anytime she wants to.

Truth, I'm not really happy with the necklace. I think it could be better. I sent it anyway. It was already late.

She refuses to let me change it.

Hey, if she's happy, who am I to complain?

Also, she has a new book blog you should check out that she runs with Nina. Check it out here.

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