Friday, January 6, 2012

A gift worthy of the sister-in-law.

I'm DIY-ing a lot of things. Some for the kids, maybe something for me here and there. 

Recently, I'm DIY-ing for my sister-in-law.

If you ask Kyle, I'm very much like every woman in his family. Often, he stops and almost screams at himself in fear and realization. Poor guy. "IT'S TRUE! GUYS MARRY THEIR MOMS!" Heh. ^.^

So, Kyle's family is coming the first week of February for a visit from wayyyy across the USA. We don't see them often, and unfortunately my brother-in-law won't be coming with. So, since they weren't coming for a while, we held off on getting their gifts. Christmas was tough as it is, and we appreciated the extra time we had. So, there's...7 people we still need to get gifts for. 

We have a good idea as to what we're getting them, but it's all pretty much left up to me. Kyle sucks at this stuff. So bad.

For SIL, I made her a pair of fingerless gloves.

This pattern can be found here : Button Flap Fingerless Mitts
Now, my flaps don't currently have the buttons on them. I need to find the buttons that scream to me to attach. I also thing I'm going to track down some pins that she could put on the flap part. Favorite bands, humorous sayings, that type of thing. Or Harry Potter. Because we can't go wrong with Harry Potter. Especially since I made these with the idea of keeping her hands warm while reading.

Do you have that problem, too? Your hands get ice cold while reading? Because mine do, a lot, and it's quite annoying.

I've been planning her birthday gift, too. It'll be late, as her birthday was just a day or two ago, but it's going to be totally awesome.

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