Sunday, February 26, 2012

What a hoot.

I needed a good laugh/smile. 


Well, you know that green thing I was knitting for-freaking-ever?

I finished it. I loved it. I started trying to crochet the edges together to make a bag.

It didn't work out right. So I tried just sewing them.

It didn't work out right. So I tried pulling out the yarn that I had used to sew up half of one side of the bag.

It didn't want to come out. So I broke out the scissors and...

This happened.

I cut the knit part. *facepalmfacepalmfacepalm* I was SO freaking angry. Like, almost swore off knitting for a month angry. It was very bad times. And I needed something to bring me up.

While stewing, I (ofcourse) ended up at Hobby Lobby and came across this book.

First thing I noticed about it? The owl. The cutest effing owl I've EVER seen. I've been on the hunt for a great owl knitting pattern and couldn't find one that I liked. Well. I found one now. And I squealed.

Legit squealed in Hobby Lobby.

Ofcourse I went home with the book and got to work. Only to realize the pattern was for size 6 needles. And ironically, that's a size I DON'T have. So, I pulled out some size 5s and went to work on them.

His name is Robert Paulsen. Though, Kyle likes to call him Bitch Tits. :(

His little wispys are what killed me the most. I love, love, LOVE him. I snugged him a few nights after I made him, actually. 

And, yes. Without the wispys, he's only about 4 inches tall.


There's an option to knit the eyes, but I had some toy eyes left over from making SIL's Monster Book Of Monsters, so I used them. And you know what? I doubt I'd ever knit the eyes when I make this pattern again.

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